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All good things must come to an end.   Since the death of my son, Samuel, who was the inspiration for this pouch, my heart is not in this wonderful product at this time.  If you are looking for a gently used pouch, check out FSOT on

This page remains up for sizing and info purposes but most importantly, to honor Samuel's memory and contribution to this earth. Because of Samuel, there are thousands of these pouches on the earth.  Thank you to each and every one of you who supported our family with the purchase of a pouch.  May you all be blessed!



I got my first adjustable pouch back in 2002 when I was still pregnant with Samuel.  I had tried a different style carrier when I had Kaysha, my first born, but found it miserable to use for both of us.  So I gave up on slings until I discovered a pouch sling.  The first time I put Samuel in he was 18 hours old and he sighed with relief, snuggled in and went to sleep.  After that, I was sold.  Everytime I used it, he felt the same way, happy, safe and secure.  That pouch literally changed my life.  Especially when comparing  wearing him to the previous two babies who were not worn.  When we started out with Mom and Me, we wanted to offer an adjustable pouch.  Why?   Because I was able to use this type of sling from newborn to toddlerhodd with ease. For that reason alone, it is a great value.    Everytime I wear this pouch, people are attracted to the ease of use and how comfortable my baby is, not to mention how happy the babies are in it.   They just don't know what is available until they actually see one.    Everytime we sell a pouch, it makes us very happy thinking it could very well change someone else's life not to mention the lives of the babies in them.  That is what our goal is with these pouches, to change lives for the better.

Some of our first pouches are pictured to the right.  We thought some might enjoy seeing some of our old photos again and some of my favorites!  Samuel adored being worn, there is no doubt about that!    This pouch was originally designed for Samuel, my beloved son who now lives with Jesus.  We wanted light padding on the back for his legs so that I could carry him for long periods of time and he would never get red marks.  We wanted the front rail so that we could add a decorative trim and since then, we have literally hundreds of trims to choose from.  We started out with the idea that the pouch should be comfortable for parent and baby and should illicit the smiles you see to the right.  Samuel was and will always be a pouch boy.   The bond I share with Samuel today is so very special and unique, I am sure it has come from wearing him nonstop from birth.

As our ideas for this pouch have grown over the past four years, one thing we did not want to do was  to offer cookie cutter product.  We have made very simple plain pouches and some very bold and crazy ones.  There is a pouch for your style whether casual or flamboyant.   Every pouch is hand sewn by us in our home.  Attention to every last detail is taken so that you get a unique product made with the same labor love that weI made these first pouches with.   Our trims are hand dyed, some by us and are wound by hand onto spools to be sewn on your pouch.  In the beginning when choosing which fabrics to make pouches from, we decided we wanted to create our own, rather than shop for them.  So we choose hemp fleece and dye it.  

All our slings are made with hemp cotton fleece.  This fabric is very similar to cotton or sweatshirt fleece but is three times stronger and it takes dye beautifully!    Hemp is a natural organic fiber that is both durable and comfortable to wear.  This fabric is very soft and will become as comfortable to wear as your favorite tee shirt.   This is a natural fabric that  will outlast cotton, polyester and linen.  The natural stretch in this fabric is superior to all others.  You will be amazed at the things this fabric can do.  I can wear a 30 pound one year old baby completely inside this sling.    Our pouches do not stretch out or wear out over time.  Several years and many washings later, my original pouch still looks unchanged from it's new condition.   Need more info on hemp?  Click here.

You may find a natural undyed hemp or have your sling hand dyed for a custom look.  The fleece side is in and the knit or smooth side is out giving your baby softness and comfort and the wicking qualities of hemp fleece which will keep your baby feeling comfortable and dry.  Also this is a very trim and form fitting sling.  It may be easily rolled up to fit in a purse or a diaper bag.   Our pouches have a tapered shoulder for maximum comfort  better mobility for the arm where the pouch rests.

 Our newest design pouches have four rows of strong durable nylon snaps.  That will get you from newborn to toddlerhood with ease and allow you to gain or lose some weight, carry a newborn or toddler in the same pouch, and wear it over or under a coat.    Each row closes with two rows of snaps for added security.  You can wear your sling with the snaps in ANY position without fear it will come undone. 




    Sizing is as follows

 Size  Bust Size Weight (lbs)  Shoulder to Hip Measurement
 XS  28-35  70-110  Up to 23"
 XS/S  32-37  90-150  21-25"
 S  34-41  100-180  22-26"
 S/M  36-43  120-220  23-27"
 M  38-45  140-250  24-28"
 M/L  40-47  180-280  25-29"
 L  42-51  200+  26+30"



All fabric is washed twice prior to sewing and prepared for dye.  Once your choices have been made regarding color, trim, etc.  We get to sewing.  Most hand dyed pouches are partially sewn prior to dying so that all stitching matches up to the dyed color well.  We triple stitch our pouch seams rather than just serge them, so they don't rip, tear or get small holes.  See below, the center stitching is the bottom pouch seam where your baby's bum will be most of the time.  Once the body is sewn, and any dying has been done, we sew the trim on.  All trims are crochet threads which are hand wound onto spools. Check out thread choices here.  

Our hand dyed pouches are just that, hand dyed.  Either in small vats for a single project or in a bathtub for larger ones.

Choosing colors is often a hard for our customers.  Here are some helpful tips...  Darker colors will show lint or drool/puke while lighter colors will hide those well but may show dirt.  Each hemp sling may be comfortably worn indoors.  We are often asked about wearing these in warm climates and feel that they are comfortable to wear on most summer days as long as you are acclimated to your temps.  If you are already hot when you go outside, you will roast in a pouch made of hemp fleece.  However, bear in mind that ANY carrier will provide extra insulation on a warm day and will cause you to be a LOT warmer than without it.  Want something more appropriate for summer?  Check out our wraps.

All slings have lightly padded front rail sewn on with our decorative trim   This is a piece of the hemp fabric that is doubled up and sewn on with a decorative stitch on the outside so no seams are touching baby.  This adds a slight padded effect without all the bulk of padding.  A front rail adds more stability for head and neck.    The back rail has a large rolled flat seam which is great padding for baby's legs as it "gives" and therefore is not constricting to the legs in the hip or front carry.   It is also non-bulky.    If you are tired of finding your baby uncomfortable with red irritated skin from a hip or front carry, this is your answer. 

All slings are trimmed out with decorative yarns that are soft and durable.  You may choose a contrasting yarn for a solid color if you like.    We have just about EVERY color thread so let me know your preferences when ordering.  If you need help or suggestions, just ask.  Some variegated colors as well such as pastels, primary's, shades of blue and red white and blue, navy and cream, shades of peach, orange, hot pink, and yellow and pink.  New thread page to make choices, click here!


Snap settings and placement

All slings will have four snap settings with two rows of snaps to close them with.  Thereby relieving the stress and stretch of the fabric on just one row of snaps.  Our nylon snaps are guaranteed to never break, crack or fall apart.  With two rows of closures, you can be confident that your sling will not accidentally come apart while wearing.   Babies cannot unsnap these for you either.    This sling can be worn with the snaps in any position from your shoulder to the middle of your back but is designed to always have the snaps behind your shoulder for most carries as this is most comfortable.   This sling will easily carry an infant to 40+ pounds.  However whether or not you will want to carry your baby at that weight is up to you.   

This sling may be worn on either shoulder.  However the shoulder you choose to have snaps on has a few inches of extra fabric on that side of the pouch to keep the snaps always on your back.    This also allows you to do a shoulder flip if you needed added tightness in your front rail. You may still wear it on the opposite shoulder but you will not be able to do a shoulder flip on that side.   Also,  if you wear your pouch on the opposite shoulder, the open/unused snaps will be on your chest.    

I thought I would wear my sling on my dominant shoulder, the right, as I am right handed.  However I like it much better on my left shoulder.  The sling will rest partly on your shoulder and a little on your upper arm and you will not have the range of motion with that arm and I would rather have my right arm free.

If you aren't sure, here are some things to consider....which shoulder do you wear a purse/diaper bag on?  This is the shoulder used to bearing weight.  You will most likely prefer to wear the pouch on this shoulder.

 Or which hip do you favor if you were carrying a child, or heavy bag of groceries?  You would wear your pouch on the opposite shoulder of the hip you favor.

In loving memory.....


                      Samuel                                                         Weslea


What We Do

We are currently manufacturing custom made cloth pads for menstrual, post-partum and incontinence use as well as hand dyed baby wraps.

What We Have Done

Mom and Me Creations has proudly retired all of Samuel's Diapering Line which included Samuel's Soakers, and Samuel's FItted Diapers.  The Pea in a Pod Pouch and the Eclecticos have come and gone as well but there are still many of these products out and about if you check your FSOT boards.  Happy hunting!

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Shipping rates are as follows.

Purchase Cost     Shipping Cost

$0-$65                   $7.00

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About Us

Mom and Me Creations opened its doors in July of 2002.  Our product lines were inspired by the desire to live more naturally and frugally.  We wanted to offer quality products at a fair price that would be durable for many, many years.   We succeeded.   

Our third child, Samuel, was the driving force behind the creation of many of our products.   In April of 2004, Samuel was diagnosed with leukemia and on May 8, 2008, he entered Heaven's gates. 

Over the years the business has changed and so has our desire to continue making certain products.  At this time, we are not making any more baby carriers so we may focus solely on our cloth pad line.

Every purchase made from our product line helps us pay off the tremendous amount of medical debt we have incurred over the duration of Samuel's treatment.     You can get to know us better through our personal web site.

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Ordering Info, Returns, Warranty Info

Mom and Me Creations is a Paypal Store only.  You may use a credit card for payment without signing up for Paypal.  Items ordered through this site are custom made and ship upon completion.   Due to the nature of our products, we do not allow returns or exchanges.   If you are new to cloth products, please try a few items before making a large purchase to ensure that our products will work for your needs.   We warranty our cloth pad line for two years from purchase and will repair or replace any pad that does not hold up to our high standards.   Please contact me immediately if there is concern.


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